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Their initial reaction to the circumstance is confusion, but a few moments later, they agree that they must work together to escape. Meanwhile, other boys, including Josh, come in and out of the Glade for unknown reasons. The three main boys begin to bond over time, while fighting off the Glade's many vicious creatures. Over time, they also piece together that they came in as a group and were given specific gifts that they must use to escape. Each has a special power or "dakka" - which includes clairvoyance, telekinesis, pyrokinesis, speed, and flight. Initially these powers seem useless, but over time they prove valuable as they use their powers to fight off Glade creatures, avoid traps set by Glade inhabitants, and come to terms with what they don't know. At the end, they take a short break from the Glade for "dakka" - which turns out to be something that is more complicated than they thought. This dakka also gives them a sort of symbiotic relationship with their Glade power, known as the Dixie, which is a power that keeps them safe while they are in the maze. This is explored more as the story progresses. The reader begins to learn more about the Glade and its inhabitants as the story progresses. Most of the Glade's creatures are born and raised in the Glade and are used for various purposes by the inhabitants of the Glade, but some of them are left to fend for themselves, and have developed their own ways of survival. The three main boys eventually learn that they are called "Genies" - who are the real rulers of the Glade - and that their family is from the "underworld" - a place that is not within the Glade. As they learn more about the Glade and its inhabitants, the Genies also begin to learn more about themselves. Plot summary After receiving a call from a boss on the surface, 14-year-old Joshua Curtis leaves his home, the Curtis family, and his best friend, Josh, and enters a world in which he has never existed. The book is structured as a story within a story, which Joshua recounts to a young girl named Lorna, a girl he was supposed to be helping. At the beginning of the story, the three of them are inside a truck which is transporting them to The Glade. The truck is stopped on the road, and Josh and



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The Maze Runner Full Movie Online Free No Download osvasaa

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